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Working with CAMS to get Benedict Walker back on the road

It was our pleasure to team up with team sponsor CAMS to get a young rider, Benedict Walker, back on two wheels just in time for him to compete in the National TT Champs. 

When his bike sustained major damage on the way home from a previous race, it looked unlikely that Benedict would be able to take part in the weekend’s competition, hosted on July 1st at Bashall Eaves near Clitheroe. 

After Benedict’s father, Steven, shared a plea for help on social media, Anexo Group Race Team joined forces with cycling accident management specialists CAMS (part of Anexo Group plc) to do what they do best and get him moving again. 

After the situation came to our attention, we did all that we could to help, and were delighted to source a replacement bike and get it delivered to Benedict personally in his hometown of Walthamstow in East London. 

It was a fantastic team effort on behalf of CAMS Business Development Managers Chris Lane and Jesse Yates, both keen cyclists themselves. Our very own Head of Development and former pro cyclist, Alex Dowsett, was also able to donate the wheels needed for the race. 

On behalf of Steven Walker and Benedict Walker we would also like to extend a thank you to Chairman of Anexo Group plc, Alan Sellers, for supporting the initiative alongside Anexo Group Race Team Manager, Scott Cosgrove. 

“The cycling community is known for its camaraderie and supportive nature, even within a competitive setting and so it was important to us to help a fellow junior racer in these circumstances. It was fantastic to see the Anexo Group Race Team and come together to make the race possible for Benedict. We’d like to wish him every success in his future cycling pursuits.” 

Chairman of Anexo Group plc (Title Sponsor), Alan Sellers,

After the heartbreak of last week, a huge thank you to the CAMS team and Anexo Group Race Team, including Scott Cosgrove, Chris Lane and Jesse Yates, for the loan and speedy delivery of a bike, and to Alex Dowsett for the disc wheel so that Ben could compete.” 

Steven Walker, Benedict’s father

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